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Spectrom (Viking) Gear Pumps - Viking Replacement Pump The spectrom gear pump is a rotating, positive displacement pump. See drawings in PDF file below that show the flow pattern through the pump upon its initial rotation. It is assumed that the pump has no fluid in it prior to it's initial rotation.

Pumps available directly from RPI
Distributors are welcome.
Discounts are offered on purchase of multiples.

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Part Number Description  
QS-124/4124 Pump, QS-124/4124 Request a Quote!
Q-124/4124 Pump, Q-124/4124 Request a Quote!
LS-124/4124 Pump, LS-124/4124 Request a Quote!
AL-125/4125/4195 Pump, AL-125/4125/4195 Request a Quote!
AK-125/4125/4195 Pump, AK-125/4125/4195 Request a Quote!
AS-4195 Pump, AS-4195 Request a Quote!
AL-4195/125/4125 Pump, AL-4195/125/4125 Request a Quote!
AK-4195/125/4125 Pump, AK-4195/125/4125 Request a Quote!
HL-4195/124/4124 Pump, HL-4195/124/4124 Request a Quote!
HJ-4195/125/4125 Pump, HJ-4195/125/4125 Request a Quote!
GG-4195 Pump, GG-4195 Request a Quote!

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